martes, 3 de diciembre de 2013


This is it:

I know I did not use any video edition or did not create a complex digital artefact but I thought that everyone would do such a thing so I decided to use another device: a digital wallpaper. In this kind of device, people can add comments and create a common poster sharing ideas and knowledge. The aim of the project was to create a link with my peers so, I also added the link of my blog and an invitation to join me in I have to admit that it has been the first time I have used this kind of medium and I am delighted. It is very easy to use and I think it also offers another possibility for the teachers to use it with their students in the classroom.

I also have to admit that in my project I have also been a bit more possitive about what technology involves but I really needed to leave an open question at the end as we cannot predict the future, we cannot state anything yet about how this new technological era will be.

These are my reasons and please, take into account that I had no idea about technology before starting this course so be lenient!

Thanks for participating in this course and I hope to fing you around in a future!

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